Asakuchi city is home to the Kyoto University Okayama Astronomical Observatory, equipped with one of the largest telescopes in Asia, the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, the Okayama Astronomical Museum, and other astronomical facilities.
Located in the southwestern part of Okayama Prefecture, the city comprises three areas, Konko, Kamogata, and Yorishima.
Although compact, Asakuchi’s many sightseeing spots include Mt. Yosho, a popular filming location for movies, Kamogata Machiya Park, which is included in the list of the 100 Historical Parks in Japan, and wild glasswort fields.
Blessed with a warm climate and the wealth of nature in the Inland Sea (Setonaikai), Asakuchi is known for its farm and marine products as well as a wide variety of local specialty foods.
Asakuchi City offers wonderful places to visit and delicious food to eat.

Food specialties

  • Japanese Sake

    Japanese Sake

  • Hand-Stretched Somen Noodles

    Hand-Stretched Somen Noodles

  • oyster


  • Gazami crab

    Gazami crab

  • Pears


  • Peaches


  • Konko Manju(Sweet buns)

    Konko Manju(Sweet buns)

Local Industries

  • Garden Plants

    Garden Plants

  • Hats


  • Drinking straws

    Drinking straws

  1. Astronomical Observatory

    Asakuchi City is known for astronomy.
    Located in the northern part of the city, Mt. Chikurinji is home to the Kyoto University Okayama Observatory and its 3.8 m diameter telescope, one of the largest in Asia, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, a National Astronomical Observatory that has played a major role in Japanese astronomy since its foundation in 1960, and Okayama Astronomical Museum, whose mission is to explain the observatory’s work and contributions in layman’s terms through exhibitions and planetarium programs.

    • Astronomical Observatory
    • Astronomical Observatory
    • Astronomical Observatory
  2. Mt. Yosho

    The observation deck at 400 m elevation on Mt. Yosho offers a wonderful view of the townscape, Mizushima Industrial District in Kurashiki, and the beautiful islands in the Inland Sea (Setonaikai). The view from Mt. Yosho makes it a popular location for film productions.

    • Mt. Yosho
    • Mt. Yosho
    • Mt. Yosho
  3. Kamogata Machiya Park

    Kamogata Machiya Park is a popular spot featuring the oldest merchant’s houses in Okayama Prefecture, including the Former Takato Family Residence, which is registered as an Important Okayama Prefecture Cultural Property, other historical buildings, and a traditional botanical garden. It is also included in the list of 100 Historical Parks in Japan. The park hosts many events that offer visitors a chance to experience traditional Japanese culture.

    • Kamogata Machiya park
    • Kamogata Machiya park
    • Kamogata Machiya park
  4. Maruyama Park

    Maruyama Park’s attractions include a garden exhibit with trees, a water zone, a roller slide and other large playground equipment. In spring, the park throngs with visitors coming to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

    • Maruyama Park
    • Maruyama Park
    • Maruyama Park
  5. Wild glasswort fields

    Glasswort is designated as an endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment. Yorishima reclaimed land is the only place on Honshu where wild glasswort grows. In mid-October each year, the autumn leaves attract many visitors to see their beautiful colors.

    • Wild glasswort fields
    • Wild glasswort fields
    • Wild glasswort fields
  6. Mitsuyama

    Mitsuyama consists of three granite islands located off of Saburo Beach in Yorishima. The islands are each 10 m high, 15 m wide, and are evenly lined up 6 m apart. They are connected to the beach at low tide, making it easy for visitors to walk out to them.

    • Mitsuyama
    • Mitsuyama
    • Mitsuyama

Hands-On Visitor Experience

  • Hand-Stretched Somen Noodle Making Experience

    Blessed with warm climate and clean water, Kamogata in Asakuchi City has a long history of producing delicious somen and udon noodles by hand, and a noodle manufacturer in Kamogata offer visitors the opportunity to try their hand at making noodles.

    • Hand-Stretched Somen Noodle Making Experience
    • Hand-Stretched Somen Noodle Making Experience
  • Visiting Sake Brewery

    Asakuchi City is home to many sake breweries that invite visitors to see the inside of their sake storehouses.

    • Visiting Sake Brewery
    • Visiting Sake Brewery


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